Administration of Puri

Puri being one of the most famous tourist destination of the state witness thousands of visitors visiting the holy city from all directions of the country as well as the world. The administration of the entire district of Puri with its three major towns, Puri, Konark, and Nimapara and is regulated from the district headquarter which is the city of Puri located on the coastal region of Bay of Bengal.

Administration of Puri

Legislative Assembly of Odisha

The Legislative Assembly of Odisha is of unicameral in nature. Bhubaneswar being the capitalof the state has the seat of the Legislative Assembly. With a total of 147 Vidhan sabha constituencies and of them all 5 Vidhan sabha constituencies fall under the jurisdiction of Puri district.

Civil Administration of Puri

The district of Puri being the major spot of attraction of the state and very vital from the view of Tourism and travel industry of the state has always gained the special attraction from the government. The city of Puri is administered under Puri municipality. With a sum total of 11 blocks the residents of Puri elect their councilors which represent them in CMC.

Projects undertaken by the Puri Municipality are:

  • To develop Puri "Golden Triangle" as a tourist spot, removal of wooden cabins, to enlarge Grand Road
  • Establishment of Super Market at Jagannath Ballav Complex within an area of five  acres land in order to preserve the beauty of the Holy City
  • Conversion of Daitapada Sahi existing market in to a super market complex
  • "Solid Waste Product" Project to free the city of Puri from the environmental pollution by carefully handling of garbage
  • Building of Sulabha Toilets near Railway station, Bus stops, Indradyumna tank along with the toilet that are dedicated for the free use of incoming tourists and Inhabitants
  • Construction of a market complex near Sri Gundicha Temple

Puri-Konark Development Authority

Carved out from erstwhile Bhubaneswar Regional Improvement Trust, the Puri- Konark Regional Improvement Trust (P.K.R.I.T.) is a separate entity and started functioning since 1982 with the jurisdiction of Puri Master Plan area and the areas in between Puri & Konark, with an objective of enforcement of Odisha Town Planning and Improvement Trust Act 1956 across the district of Puri. Subsequently, by a notification of Government of India Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and the Odisha Development Authority, the Act has been re-enforced over the earlier areas and thus the Puri Konark Development Authority come in to existence on 1.4.1997.

The basic objective of the Authority is to ensure for a planned and systematic development of the areas under its jurisdiction,with preparation of  development plans, undertaking works pertaining to different Town Planning Schemes and public amenities. It is also regulating development and use of lands including private land. After constitution Puri Konark Development Authority, a well organized management pattern set-up as per the Odisha Development Authority Act, with the Honorable Minister of Urban Development as the Chairman, and Regional Planning Member and Secretary of the Authority act as Co-ordinator of different sections.

Fakhir Charan Satpathy
Vice Chairman
Contact: 06752 – 222635

District Planning & Monitoring Unit, Puri

The 73rd and 74th Amendment to the Constitution of India mandate decentralization of planning process and creation of District Planning Committee (DPC) in each district of the State with a view of preparing and consolidating district plans that are required to be prepared in a consultative and participatory manner as per the guidelines issued by the Govt. of India in Ministry of Panchayati Raj and Planning Commission and the State Government. In the decentralization of planning process, the district being the unit of development, the District Planning Units have been created at the district level since mid eighties to undertake the district level planning with a District Planning Officer, one S.E.I. , one Cartographer and other Clerical staff.

The existing structure of District Planning Unit is very weak and cannot provide the required support to the DPC. Considering the onerous responsibilities of District Planning Unit and to strengthen the planning & monitoring capabilities at district & sub-district level, the State Government have considered it expedient to constitute a “District Planning & Monitoring Unit” (DPMU) in each district. According to Planning & Co-ordination Department Resolution, District Planning & Monitoring Units (DPMU) have been constituted in all the 30 districts of Odisha.

Objectives of District Planning & Monitoring Unit, Puri

  • To collect, analyze, update and maintain desired district & sub-district level databases and generate useful knowledge for local level planning.
  • To provide secretarial & technical support to District Planning Committee (DPC), Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) & Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) for preparation and consolidation local level plans
  • To assist DPC in monitoring & evaluating the implementation of developmental programs
  • To prepare shelf of projects & Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for development programs

The Organization Structure

The District Planning & Monitoring Unit, Puri is functioning under the direct control and supervision of the Collector, Puri, who is the Member Secretary of District Planning Committee (DPC) & Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad. The DPMU have basically two cells

General Planning Cell - The General Planning Cell is headed by the Deputy Director, (Planning & Statistics) and have sub units Planning Wing and Statistical Wing.

Analytical Support Cell - The Analytical Support Cell shall be responsible for providing high-end analytical and conceptual support to the DPC and other cells of the District Planning & Monitoring Unit.

Activities of District Planning & Monitoring Unit, Puri

Formulation of District Annual Plan and Five Year Perspective Plan: Planning Commission and Ministry of Panchayati Raj have mandated preparation of Annual Comprehensive District Plan and District Five Year Perspective Plan from the year 2008-09. Five Year Perspective Plan:2008-13, District Vision-2020, NREGS and Comprehensive District Agricultural Plan (C-DAP) for Puri district in consultative and participatory  through the Technical Support Institution and these have been approved by the DPC, Puri.

Convening District Planning Committee Meeting: The District Planning Committee (DPC) Puri comprises 20 members including Chairman, Member Secretary (Collector, Puri), two Expert Members, two members from ULBs and other fourteen members elected from among the elected members of Zilla Parishad. Hon’ble Minister S.T. and S.C. Development, Minorities and Backward Classes Welfare, Orissa is the Chairperson to District Planning Committee, Puri.

Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS): This scheme has been in operation since1993-94. As per provisions under this scheme, each Member of Parliament is to suggest, the developmental works to be taken up in his/her parliamentary constituency, to the Collector of the district. Rs 2.00 crore per year in two installments are received from Govt. of India (Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation, New Delhi) in respect of Puri Parliamentary Constituency. From 2011-12 Rs.5 Crores is being allotted per M.P. per year. Also this district is receiving funds from the Nodal Collector, Jagatsinghpur in respect of Jagatsinghpur M.P. and funds from other Nodal district in respect of Rajya Sabha M.Ps.  Allotment and sanction registers for the schemes are being maintained.
Puri being the Nodal District for Puri Parliamentary Constituency, funds for the projects being implemented in the eight blocks that are: Puri Sadar, Brahmagiri, Krushnaprasad, Delang, Satyabadi, Kanas, Pipili and Gop (part) and also the part of other districts like Khurda and Nayagarh.

Special Problem Funds

The scheme of “Special Problem Funds” has been introduced in the State during the year 1997-98. Funds from the scheme are provided in the State plan budget of the Planning & Co-ordination Department in the form of grant-in-aid each year. The scheme aims are taking up small and essential projects of local importance involving special nature of problems in the absence of which the development process will remain incomplete. Honorable Minister, MLAs, other Public representatives, Senior Officers of the State Govt. and the District Collector may recommend projects involving special nature of problems based on their field visits and interaction with the local public to be taken up under the scheme.

Authority of the office:
Name – Sri Devi Prasad Behera
Designation – Deputy Director, (Planning & Statistics)
Telephone – (06752) 224179

Name – Sri Tara Prasad Pattanaik
Designation – Senior Economic Investigator

Appellate Authority:
Name – Sri Devi Prasad Behera
Designation – Deputy Director, (P&S), DPMU, Puri.

District Planning & Monitoring Unit (DPMU)
General Planning Cell (Planning Wing)
DRDA Building,  Kacheri Road, Puri
Telephone–(06752)224179 Fax–(06752) 222126
Email: [email protected]

Puri City Police

With primary responsibilities of law enforcement and investigation within the districts of Puri the Puri City Police has its 9 police stations in the entire district.

The efficient administration of Puri helps people residing here and also millions of tourists visiting the holy city every year enjoy a better quality of life and help the economy to grow and develop in a much better way.

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