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Social Service in Puri

Puri may be culturally rich, but on the humanitarian side there is still a lot that this city needs to achieve. One can see that there are many under privileged people who are not able lead normal lives owing to the difficult living conditions. While peace dwells in the whole city, these people still look out for sources to make a living. Falling in this criteria, is a huge chunk of people living in the rural parts of Puri, that include women, old people and orphans.

Social Service in Puri

Today, a fragment of society is working towards helping this weaker section of people. They work at organizational as well as individual levels.

There is a popular name associated with social service in Puri, Gopabandhu Dash. He initiated many social movements that included Kartavya Bodhini Samiti, one of the major societal reform societies. He worked towards betterment of education, literature and also towards making the society more progressive.

NGOs in Puri

Currently, there are few NGOs in Puri that are working towards the improvement of community health, welfare, harmony etc. Here are they:

At-Badatara, Po-Garhrupas via-Gop,
Puri: 752110
Phone: 06758 246081, 9438568811

Agency for Social Action
At/Po Kakatpur,
Puri: 752108
Phone: 06758- 231206, 9437134136

Aghor Ashram
At Hatimala, Po Kurujanga,
Puri: 752111
Phone: 06758 236969 9938674879

Patatapaban Seva Sangha
Chanarapada, Nimapara,
Puri: 752106

At Mangalaghat, Po/dist: Puri
Puri: 752001
Phone: 06752 227861, 9861229882

Life Line
At Basukera, Po Sakhigopal,
Puri: 752014
Phone: 06752 272308, 9937845200

Orphanages in Puri

There are four orphanages that are currently operational in Puri:

Nilachal Seva Pratisthan
At Dayavihar Po Gadasahi
Puri - 752017
Phone: 06752 240138, 9438018582

Acharya Harihara Sishu Bhawan
At/Po: Sakhigopal
Puri - 752014

Utkal Balashram
Narendrakona Road

Old Age Homes in Puri

There are few old age homes in Puri that provide comfortable home for old people. There is a comfortable day care option for them as well. Here are the old-age homes in Puri:

Nilachal Seva Prattisthan
P.O Kanas
Puri, Odisha
Phone: +91-6752-240028, 2400139, 240137

Association for Voluntary Action (AVA)
At. Dampur, P.O. Berboi
Orissa, India – 752016
Phone: +91-6758-242201, 09437042482
Fax: +91-6758-242201

Bankeswari Yuvak Sangha
Dakapada, Lunabihara
Puri, Odisha

Gaurbata Sahi
P.O. & Distt. Puri
Puri, Odisha 752 001
Phone: +91-6752-40028

Jayakrishna Youth Club
Puri, Odisha

Puri, Odisha

Patita Paban Seva Sangha
Puri, Odisha

At./P.O. Satasankha
Dist.Puri, Odisha 752 046
Phone: +91-6752-48838

At.Daraji Pokhari Chhak
Police Line Road
Puri, Odisha 752002
Phone: +91-6752-251637, 29637, 09437523390

Women Welfare in Puri

Following are the women welfare centers in Puri:

Adal Badal Mahila Samiti
At Adal Badal, Po Adal via Nirakarpur Block Kanas
Puri: 752019
Phone: 06755 215481, 9938753553

Jaydurga Mahila Samiti
At/Po Balapur, via Satasankha PS Satyabadi
Puri: 752046
Phone: 06752 247779, 9238984729

Rural Development in Puri

There are many organizations that are working towards rural development in Puri. Here is the information about rural service centers in Puri:

Gram Vikas Sahayak Sanstha
At/Post Nagapur, via Gop,
Puri: 752110
Phone: 06758 234172, 234158; 8093444334

Grameen Yojna
At Mukunda Mishra Nagar, Po Gopinathpur
Puri: 752002
Phone: 06752 220057 9237979918

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    I want to stay at old age home at puri

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  • S
    Sandeep Padhi from Berhampur 67 Days ago

    Hello,I am searching for a good old age home in Puri for one of my cousin parent. I am willing pay the expenses monthly but need good service. Please help me with a few good contacts to my email address above.

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    Paromita Roy from Kolkata 67 Days ago

    I want to kn about a safe ladies ashrams in puri

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    Jagrutee from Navsari, Gujrat 377 Days ago

    Namaste, I will be spending some time in Jagganath Puri next month. I would like to donate some clothes and other items that may be useful to you. Please let me know how I can do this

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  • S
    Subrato Roy from Baripada 991 Days ago

    I am staying in MSJE, Maurbhanj Social Justice and Empowerment, laxmiposi Takutpur Baripada old age home. Run by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. I am lone vegetarian. I am born in Puri. So I wanted to sift to Puri. Hence How can I get transferred to Puri?

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    Krishna Chandra sahoo from Jagatsinghpur 1061 Days ago

    Old age home s at puri

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  • C
    Chandini sahoo from Jajpur-7008780191 1159 Days ago

    Hlo sir or mam ,i want to do something for orphan children's, and old parents .i am 10th pass and i am 25,i wanted to join any orphanage and oldage home.i can teach primery children and i know yoga also very well ,please any one help how i join any foundation for the rest of my life.

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    Pradip Chandra Sarma from Guwahati 1162 Days ago

    I need a baby to adopt

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  • R
    Ramakanta sahoo from Brahmagiri 1593 Days ago

    I want to total list of orphanage home in puri can any 1 help me to know about that

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  • P
    PRADIPTA KUMAR SAHOO from PURI 1643 Days ago

    Please send me the details of orphans places at puri town,where people can stay at the age of 35 years also.

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