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Mathas and Aashrams at Puri

There are several Mathas and Aashrams are there in the holy of City of Puri and some of them are very much connected with the rituals that are performed every day at the Lord Jagannath temple. Not only the daily rituals but also these mathas extend their assistance in the Ratha Yatra, Candan Yatra, Snana Yatra, Navakalebar, Jhulan Yatra, and several other festivals and occasions by offering Pana Bhoga, Pankti and the Bhesha Materials, Sandalwood paste for Sarbanga Ritulas,  supplying of canopy, cleaning of Ratnashinghasan, and Phuluri Oil (til-oil), Chaka Apasara, Tulsi leaves, Flower and Garlands and other worshiping materials.

Mathas and Aashrams in the holy of City of Puri

Gobardhan Matha or Govardhan Peetha: Gobardhan Peetha is a monastery which is also known as a math which was established at Puri by Adi Sankar in 483 Century B.C and it has a very important role to play in performing the rituals of Sri Jagannath Temple of Puri. Being the head Peethadhisa of the Gobardhan Matha Jagadguru Sankaracharya has the right to offer his views on the rituals of the Jagannath temple. A daily routine known as Khei, that is being granted to this mathas is very unique and is rarely enjoyed by any of the other Mathhas of Puri. During the visit to the Temple Sankracharya gets special privileges from the Temple Administration.

The Badachhata Matha: The prime purpose of the Badachhata Matha is to recite the devotional song and music everyday during the time Badashinghara Pahuda and Mangala Arati.

The Odiya Matha: The Odiya Matha supplies Ballava Bhoga everyday to the temple and also performs the allata services and upachara chamara.

The Jagannath Ballav Matha: The Matha used to supply the Masala (torch) during the Khuamanda, Ballava Bhoga, Abakash ritulas, and, also offers the Khatani bhog also known as the Arnna Mahaprasad, the Jumpa which is a type of flower ornament, Tilak for badashinghar Vesha in order to perform services as per rituals and traditions.

The Chuliya Matha:
The Chuliya Matha performs the Chamara Seva and also supplies the pijuli fala which is the guava for the Gopallaballav bhoga. The services of this math are discontinued since a very long time.

The Papudia Matha: The Matha performs the allata (fan) and the sunabenta chamara (flywhisk) and services.

The Raghaba Das Matha: The khatani Bhoga and the Ballava Bhoga are supplied by the Raghaba Das Matha in order to perform allata services and the upachara chamara.

The Radhakanta Matha: Daily Sankirtana parikrama and the upachara chamara services are being performed by the Radhakanta Matha.

The Emar Matha: Chausara, a flower ornaments, 'Chadrika' and the Ballava Bhoga are supplied by the Emar Matha in order to perform the allata services and the allata services.

The Trimali Matha: During the Gopalaballav Bhog and Abakash rituals the Trimali Matha supplies the dihudi (torch).

There are also several mathas in Puri such as The Badasantha Matha, The Jagannath Ballav, Haridas Thuakura Samadhi, Bada Oriya Matha, The Badachhata Matha, The Gobardhan Matha, The Jeerswami matha, The Radhakanta Matha, Gangamata, Emar, Radhaballav, The Rebasa, The Dakhinaparswa Uttarparswa, The Sidhabakula, The Chhauni etc.

It is said that there are 86 ovens in the Jagannath Temple's Kitchen which are being allotted to several Mathaas such as Radhakanta matha, Bada Odiya Matha, Bada Jhadu, Dukhishyama Bdaji, Laxmibhadra Khajuriya, Raghaba Das, Raghaba Das, Baula, Jagannath Ballav, Achari Matha, Bada Santha, Kausalya Das, Gangamata, Emar, Sri Ram Das, Sankarnanda, Uttarparswa, Trimali, Haridakhandi, Panjabi, Mahiprakash etc. Similarly there are more than 30 store houses known as Saragharas which are recorded in the names of the mathas such as the Sankarnanda, Achari, Rebesa, Sibatirtha, Bada Oriya, Kotha bhoga, Papudia matha, Uttarparswa, Sankaracharya Matha, Jagannath Ballav, Emar, Radhaballav, Raghaba Das Matha Mahiprakash etc.

Jhanjapitha Matha and Radhaballav Matha have their special establishment inside the Lord Jagannath Temple which is known as "Padapadma Chaura" and "Radhaballav Temple".

Superintendent of the Sri Jagannath Temple and the Gajapati Maharajas are bestowed with the rights to chatter in favor of some Mathas which are relevant to the rituals of lord Jagannath such as the ovens in the kitchen, allotting store houses, allata services and the Chamara, Khatani Bhoga, Pankti etc for the easy functioning of the daily rituals of Sri Jagannath Mahaprabhu.

At the present time a few of the Matha have discontinued the services altogether and some have deprived their daily services. Many of the Mathas are even not performing the services of the allata services and the Chamara which is some of the most important services to the deities and are said to be very sacred services as well. Only a few mathas now do these services and that too only on certain special occasions for the sake of keeping the tradition alive.

Matha Believing in all Sampradays

In 19th Century it is believed that several Mathas were established which has no affiliation to any of the Sampradays. Some of them are mentioned here along with their founders:

Jogada Matha: Founded by the the members of Women`s Educational Centre
Girnari Matha: Founded by a saint namely Digambara Baba
Abadhuta Matha: Founded by Pagal Baba a saint along with a religious man Shree Hari Muduli.
Satyaprakash Matha: Founded by Satyarsi Jogajibanananda Baba

Ram Krishna Mission
The Ram Krishna Matha being set up in the 20th Century by the Ramakrishna Mission. The Matha is said to be the stay for the swami of the mission visiting Puri. The Matha performs no functions other than providing the facility of accommodation to Sadhus of the Ram Krishna Mission.

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