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Bada Odiya Matha in Puri

The Bada Odiya Matha is believed to be one of the antique Mathas of Odisha situated at the Puri near the Baseli Street. The Bada Odiya Matha was established in the 16th century A.D by the great Atibada Jagannath Das. The matha is also said to be an associate of the Utkal Vaishnava segment. The Matha is blessed with several duties to be performed at the Jagannath Temple of Puri. This is the most vital segment related to the Matha which distinguishes it from the other Mathas of Puri.

The support of Gajapati king of Puri was immensely taken in the establishment of the Matha and it was established in the fond memory of the amazing spiritual mentors and it was also related with the worshiping of the deities of the Jagannath Temple of Puri. As the time passed on, the Bada Odiya Matha started losing its vitality unlike all other religious institutions and due to the abundant unfavorable powers that reached on to these cultural and sacred establishments. The Bada Odiya Matha was kept under the dictation of Atibadi Jagannath Das and post his demise it then came under the charge of the Mahantas which were elected from the devotees of the great soul Jagannath Das.

Bada Odiya Matha in Puri

Several special ceremonies are being authorized to the Bada Odiya Matha which are exclusively being allotted to this matha only. The matha is believed to be one of the most important Matha of the Jagannath Dham of Puri and according to the customs and rituals the Bada Odiya Matha it can designate the Adhikari of the temple and there is a long procedure for this as well. He one who is selected as the Adhikari has to report to the Gajapati of the holy city of Puri and he then guides him with the authority of tying of the Mahanayaka Sari to the deities by him. The Bada Odiya Matha has a strong association with the Gajapati as well. One of the most exceptional benefits that the Matha receives that the customs associated with the Jagannath temple which were given by the Gajapati Maharaj of Puri to his cloister was the contribution of Sari and various different dresses during the ceremonial Abhisheka.

The Bada Odiya Matha has a significant part in the advancement of literary and social exercises and the taking in of Sanskritic writings. The heads of different monasteries take part in such talks and in the recitation of Bhagabata. The Matha was dealing with the collected sadhus and researchers, encouraging them and giving settlement to their stay on these events. In the present situation the Matha has confronted an uncommon decrease in the salary and this has come about on the Seba Puja of the Matha and in addition the social showings which were before the principle capacities of the Matha, likewise has headed off down to a great level.

Obligations Performed by Bada Odiya Matha

The Bada Odiya Matha has a few Duties to perform. These are divided into two classifications ritual and secular duties. There are a few Ritual Duties in the Matha. They are the priest, the Astrologer, Dayita, the Kanaka Mundi Seva, the Mali or the Rana and numerous different servants indulge in the different requirements of the Temple.

Temple Structure Inside the Bada Odiya Matha

The Bada Odiya Matha is a complex with a stretched structure and has a few builds which are placed inside it. There are some odd two hundred rooms secured by twenty seven courtyards spotted inside the compound of the Bada Odiya Matha close to the central station. Every single yard serves diverse purposes and all are interconnected with each one in turn. Of every last one of yards some are the yard of the Adhikari, a couple of are the front courtyard, and some of them are the courtyard of the store room and the yard of the gods. The yard of the gods includes places of worship of Mahabir, Baraha, statue of Jagannath Da, Patitapabana, Nrisinha, statue of Lord Jagannath with eight hands, Goddess Saraswati, Lord Ganesh, and Navagraha.

Festivals Celebrated at the Bada Odiya Matha

Being amongst the most paramount Rajangila Mathas there are a few special celebrations celebrated at the Bada Odiya Matha. Certain celebrations of Bada Odiya Matha are like those of the Jagannath Temple of Puri. Plus the celebrations, there are a few ceremonies that happen only in this religious community. These events are likewise celebrated with festivals of the same ardor. The Bada Odiya Matha is a specific Matha which has been allowed several special benefits to commend the celebrations and rituals in the Jagannath Temple. It has likewise been given the title of Mahanayaka Sari.

Chandan Yatra

It is one of the well known celebrations of Puri and it lasts for forty two long days. Throughout this time period the icon of Lord Jagannath is taken in an enriched palanquin to the Narendra tank. The divinity is then spread with the sandal wood paste & taken to the ground by an ornamented watercraft. Their three pots of sweet water blended with sugar and milk are offered by the cloister at the sanctuary and a pot brimming with the same sweet water is offered at the tank.


As per the rituals the divinities are bound over a time of 15 days. Throughout this time 4 pots of specially prepared food comprising of banana, cream, cheese and sugar-sweet are offered every day to the divinities. Scented oil is utilized for Lord Jagannath which is supplied by the Matha.

Rukuna Harana

A dark colored sari and important elements for the ritual shower of the goddess Bimala along with the Bhog is offered to her at Jagamohana.


Three huge pots of the equal size are filled with sweet water mixed up with cream, sugarcandy, banana and cheese up to the top, one for every god are supplied by the cloister on the day the gods are installed at the temple and introduced on the carts for their trip to Gundichaghara.


A few specials Bhogas are made by the Bada Odiya Matha and are offered for three days to the goddess Bimala throughout this celebration. The needed amounts of rice and vegetables are being supplied by the Bada Odiya Matha for the festival preparations.

Simhasana Marjana

When the gods are brought back to the Temple at the end of the cart festival celebrations the Simhasana in the main temple are cleaned with water blended with sandalwood paste, scented oil, and so on.

Panti Bhoga

After arriving at the Gundicha-ghara, gods are then offered mixtures of Bhogas, sorts of food items (Panti). Also, on the return the same kind of Bhogas are again offered by the pandas in the Gundicha - ghara compound.

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